Creating a space for sincere lovers of Jesus who have felt stuck or alone to recenter themselves in Christ and their calling while they fall in love with Jesus and find their voice in the desert.

Prayer Events

Soaking Prayer Days

Join us to soak in God’s presence, seek healing prayer and a word from the Lord, and worship Jesus. These monthly events are an opportunity for you to set aside time to seek the Lord individually, but not alone. Our team will happily pray for you when you come to pray, read your Bible, journal, soak, or worship.

Prophetic Intercession

We come together to humble ourselves and seek the Lord and ask him to heal our land and the people living in it. We regularly gather to intercede for our city, state, nation, and Israel and pray as the Lord leads us to pray what’s on His heart. We pray for radical revival to flow from the desert and for hearts to turn to the Lord and be healed.

Come pray with us on regular zoom calls or live prayer meetings.

Desert Nights

We have a dream for believers to come together and encounter God’s presence, find healing, pray for New Mexico, and worship Jesus under the starry sky. We envision pop-up outdoor gatherings centered around prayer and worship all over Albuquerque & throughout New Mexico.

If you have a heart for New Mexico and want to pray, serve, host your church or land for an event, or sow into our ministry, please contact us. 

He turns a desert into pools of water, a parched land into springs of water.

Psalm 107:35

Retreat in the Desert

Immersive Retreats

When our marriages are in crisis, we consider a marriage retreat to reconnect. But, everyone tells you, you should retreat and vacation with your spouse before you’re in crisis. Whether your faith is in crisis, or not yet, come retreat and reconnect with the Lord.

Calling all those who are weary from life or ministry and need Jesus to come to wash their feet again… for pastors, leaders, and believers in Jesus who want to go deeper.

Come for a healing immersion: a weekend or week of prayer, prophesy, worship, activity, and quiet time in the secret place⏤the New Mexico desert. You can:

  • Retreat with Jesus in the wilderness, just like the desert mystics, who used to go out to the quiet of the desert to listen for the voice of the Lord and face their demons.
  • Return to your first love through intimacy with Jesus, living a first commandment lifestyle, and John 13-17. Return to the power of the cross, communion, and the blood of Jesus.
  • Remember God’s faithfulness and let your heart be renewed and re-inspired to go all-in.
  • Reconcile with your true self and who God says you are: worthy, chosen, and loved.
  • Reconstruct truth and faith as you deconstruct lies and strongholds that have held you back.

We can build a custom retreat for you, either here in New Mexico, or by coming to you. Contact us for more details.